Trozzolo pushes hiring at McDonald’s in a competitive job market

Jun 11, 2021

The Golden Arches are a ubiquitous symbol of American food. Being the most well-known brand in the QSR space and a fast-food giant nationally comes with its challenges – hiring qualified, inspired crew members. Local owner-operators from the Great Plains and Greater Tennessee Valley Operators Association (GTVOA) tasked Trozzolo with bolstering their hiring message for their businesses throughout Kansas City, St. Joseph, Lawrence, Omaha, Lincoln, Nashville, Chattanooga, Bowling Green, Huntsville and surrounding cities.

Trozzolo stepped up by creating well-rounded hiring campaigns that would reach the wide range of individuals a McDonald’s job appeals to. The hiring campaigns included digital display ads and creative videos for social media platforms featuring employees from local franchisee restaurants to create an authentic recruitment tool for the co-ops. Each platform was used intentionally with targeting for various demographics, including youth looking for a first job, students interested in working while in school, those looking for a part-time job with flexibility and young adults looking to turn a job into a career.

In addition to the digital campaign, Trozzolo pitched hiring numbers across all markets, securing over 60 media hits to reach an audience of over 1.25 million people.

Trozzolo’s efforts resulted in a successful hiring campaign, with over 5.9 million impressions and a 12% increase in applications in week one of the campaign.

With the success of the hiring campaign in the fall, Trozzolo will run it again this summer to boost hiring for McDonald’s co-ops in the increasingly difficult job market for the food industry.

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