The Unstoppable Force

Real Problem

With technology advancements around data storage, cloud hosting and colocation is becoming a more crowded industry. As other newer, innovative companies start up, staying relevant and ahead of the competition is more important than ever. And no matter how smart each company’s offerings are, most of them struggle with differentiating their offerings due to poor branding and marketing efforts, making it difficult for customers to really keep anyone top of mind when a need arises.



Our campaign, “The Unstoppable Force.” leveraged the belief that every problem can be solved and that change creates opportunity. We wanted our brand to convey that “We embrace change” and, if you join us, we’ll help guide you to where you need to be. We also refreshed the brand’s look and feel – replacing the teal and orange color palette, which was blending in with the competition – with a simple yet bold black and white look with bursts of electric yellow and blue. The fresh look accentuated our new messaging about the pace of digital transformation, promoting that at LightEdge, we illuminate opportunities with every advancement and eliminate the worries that come with data insecurity and downtime. Through our new messaging, it became clear that LightEdge’s goal is to work with clients until they start seeing today’s challenges as tomorrow’s strengths.

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