McAnany Construction

Paving the Way to Success

Real Problem

McAnany Construction developed a proprietary new method for residential pavement maintenance called Ultrathin Bonded Asphalt Surface (UBAS). They engaged Trozzolo to market this product, convince city officials of UBAS benefits and win contracts in more cities in the region. 


To market McAnany’s innovative method, we talked to municipal decision-makers, including officials who helped kick-start UBAS and those who used it. We learned that city officials are wary of trying new methods. We also learned that if we could present evidence, testimonials and case studies showing hard proof that this product is reliable and effective, they would be willing to give UBAS a try.

We created a new presentation deck and leave-behind fact sheet to pitch UBAS in an impressive, professional way. A new website page was built to show the process, details and testimonials. Our photo and video shoot produced support visuals for all sales touch points. A press release announced UBAS throughout the Midwest, generating buzz around UBAS success stories in cities like Lenexa, Kansas and Papillion, Nebraska. 

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