Ingram’s Magazine Calls Angelo Trozzolo 1 of 50 Missourians You Should Know

Sep 6, 2023

For over a decade, Ingram’s Kansas City Business Magazine has been profiling Missouri business movers and shakers and this year Trozzolo Communications Group president and CEO, Angelo Trozzolo, gained the spotlight.

Their August 2023 edition featured an article focused on an integral part of Angelo’s career: the switch to advertising.

Here’s what Ingram’s had to say about Angelo:

Talk about faith in your child: Angelo Trozzolo’s dad had only recently started a successful custom publishing business when the idea of shifting the entire focus to advertising first came about.

“I’m grateful to my father for striking out on his own in the first place and for trusting me – nine years into the company’s existence – to change the entire business model of a successful and profitable company.”

Today, Angelo is president & CEO of one of the Midwest’s premier independent marketing communications agencies, employing more than 80 people. In addition to its strong Kansas City presence – including work that’s national or super-regional in scope – Trozzolo recently opened a new office in Milwaukee. Yet, he said he places tremendous value on his hometown and the collaboration and strength of Kansas City’s marketing industry.

“We punch well above our weight in the industry, with KC being a top 10 market in the country for our services. There are great large agencies here, great independent agencies, great specialist agencies, great mid-size agencies, and great small agencies, and we are all each other’s biggest fans. It’s a very Kansas City thing.”

And that “thing” may be hard to define, he said, but its power is on display daily. “We support each other. We’re more siblings than adversaries. We talk through differences. We wear T-shirts that say Kansas City while we’re in Kansas City. … Good begets good, and business execs understand that. They do it because it’s good for the community. That’s good for business.”

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