Dot’s Pretzels is in the Bag for Trozzolo

Apr 21, 2022

It’s snack time at Trozzolo. Dot’s Pretzels, the rapidly growing, craveable, premier snack brand known for its buttery, crispy, flavor-packed and irresistible pretzels and other desirable snacks, has selected Trozzolo as its first creative and digital agency of record.

The beloved brand, which started in the North Dakota home of founder Dot Henke 10 years ago and has quickly grown into a brand beloved by millions across the country, conducted a national search for an agency partner. The brand zeroed in on Kansas City-area agencies, geographically located near the company’s marketing team.

Trozzolo got the nod.

“We were raving fans of Dot’s Pretzels before the brief even came our way,” said Josh Brewster, Trozzolo’s chief marketing officer. “Our pursuit of this brand was fueled by our true love for the brand and pure hunger for the product. Their marketing team is second to none, and the brand story is inspiring. This is a special win and will be a special partnership.”

Trozzolo will be tapped to help provide creative firepower for the brand, through digital and social media channels. It will also include community management of Dot’s Pretzels’ social channels and creating and executing the brand’s digital media strategy.

“Trozzolo’s creativity, strategy and personality gained our trust from the very beginning of the process,” said Katie Morris, social media specialist for Dot’s Pretzels, which was recently purchased by Hershey’s in 2021. “We’ve seen their work firsthand with mutual partners, and it was clear they are the ideal fit for our aggressive approach to marketing moving forward.”

With Dot’s Pretzels now part of its portfolio, Trozzolo adds to its growing list of consumer-facing client partners that includes Boulevard Brewing Company, Westlake Ace Hardware and McDonald’s.

“We are so proud to bring Dot’s Pretzels into our Trozzolo family,” said Julie Robinson, Trozzolo’s executive vice president. “The energy behind the brand is exciting, the expanding product line is absolutely amazing and the people behind the brand are authentic and fun. We couldn’t ask for a better partnership.”

The partnership officially begins May 1. But the Trozzolo team has already consumed more than 20 bags of Dot’s Pretzels as of press time.

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