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Oct 28, 2022

Trozzolo is proud to announce Sherry Gibbs as Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Prairie Dog.

A news release, Trozzolo’s Prairie Dog creates new executive role to catapult growth, was published in the October 28 edition of the Kansas City Business Journal. An excerpt from the article is below.

Trozzolo Communications Group’s health care marketing division has created a new role to drive more growth.

To lead business operations, Prairie Dog hired Sherry Gibbs as senior vice president and managing director.

Gibbs most recently was chief marketing officer at Prairie Dog client Nashville General Hospital. She also has ties to Kansas City and previously was vice president of marketing and growth at GEHA, where she played an instrumental role in GEHA’s naming-rights deal with the Kansas City Chiefs for Arrowhead Stadium. She kicked off in-stadium, regional and national marketing and led the development of nationwide sports and brand activation strategies to promote the partnership.

“She’s a go-getter. She’s the definition of everything you would want in a leader for an organization,” Trozzolo Communications CEO Angelo Trozzolo said. “She’s smart, energetic and a visionary.”

Prairie Dog started thinking about adding the new position several years ago, but it was waiting for the right person to fill the role, he said. Gibbs not only brings the marketing and health care skill set, she shares in the excitement for Prairie Dog’s potential.

Gibbs has 25-plus years of marketing experience, including 14 years in health care. Through the years, she’s worked at multiple companies that are Prairie Dog clients, he said.

Although the pandemic initially dampened revenue for Prairie Dog as hospitals pulled back marketing efforts, the division has returned to growth mode and is checking off a record year. With its solid reputation nationwide, revenue growth mostly has been reactive, Trozzolo said.

“The opportunities have come to us,” he said. “But imagine if we were proactive what would happen?”

Gibbs will help Prairie Dog leverage a proactive approach, being more aggressive about pursuing new business. Her addition to the team creates a succession plan for leadership and frees up the time of Prairie Dog President Jerry Hobbs to focus on what he does best: health care strategy. He’ll also have more time to share his strategic expertise with other facets of Trozzolo’s business, Trozzolo said.

“It’s about setting ourselves up for the future,” he said.

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