Crisis Communications Advice and Counsel

Trozzolo can be engaged as a strategic communications partner during a crisis. We respond rapidly to crises that erupt without warning. Trozzolo offers 24/7/365 availability and a commitment to stand with you providing advice, counsel and support for the duration of the situation. We can employ a rapid response protocol, quickly identifying key stakeholders and audiences, and crafting messages for each. We’ll anticipate the hard questions and develop responses, and help you decide who is the most appropriate individual to speak for the organization. We will facilitate media relations inquiries, draft talking points and coordinate media interviews, and make community engagement recommendations to rebuild brand trust in the organization.

Crisis Planning

We will begin by auditing existing crisis materials. This includes a full assessment of current crisis materials as well as the channels used to communicate with the wide range of audiences. Trozzolo then will develop a tactical communications game plan outlining the proper communication channels and people who can most effectively manage a crisis situation and drive home the right messages to the right people at the right time. The strategic crisis communications plan will include:

  • Potential scenarios
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Communications strategies
  • Key audiences to reach
  • Plans of action
    (hour 1, hour 2, next day, etc.)
  • Sample messaging
  • Key communication templates

Training and Spokesperson Preparation

Trozzolo’s media training program assists crisis leaders in how to engage with the media in today’s environment. We focus on ensuring your team understands the rules and proper etiquette for working with the media, as well as positioning the organization effectively during a crisis. We call this training Spokespower.

This two- to four-hour training program covers journalistic styles and features a “What’s News” section, which highlights the principal drivers of the initiatives journalists take when preparing news stories. The training also includes a practice session on responding to reporters’ questions in various scenarios. The session can be video recorded for review and on-site analysis with your team.

This program will teach key leaders about making the most out of every opportunity (even as an issue arises) to tell your story and communicate it properly (and positively) with confidence to the media. In Spokespower we cover:


  • The value of media relations
  • Gaining the competitive edge
  • Making the most out of every media opportunity
  • Telling great stories through key messages
  • Interview preparation
  • Issues of concern with media relations
  • Do’s and don’ts for success
  • Keys to appearance
  • Bridging topics
  • How social media plays into everything
  • Setting terms of interview

Let’s Get to Work

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